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Osmosis Medi Facial                       $95 Osmosis 30 Minute Facial               $65

Osmosis Facial Infusion                  $130

Rezenerate Facial                           $130

Teen Facial                                      $65

Bacial                                               $65



     Lip or Brow                                 $20        Lip and Brow                              $35

     Bikini                                           $55

     Brazilian                                      $95

     Partial Leg Wax                          $55

     Full Leg Wax                               $75







Beauty Lounge





Prices starting at



Haircut                                                  $65

Haircut with Service                             $55

Shampoo/Style                                     $45

    Hair Past Shoulders extra charge    $50

Man's Haircut                                       $40

Buzz Cut (2 guards or less)                  $20

Specialty Barber Cut                            $45

Kids Cut Boys (12 and under)             $35

Kids Cut Girls (12 and under)              $45

Organic Color Service          

     All Over Color                                $115

    Retouch                                          $90


     Partial                                            $115

     Full                                                $145

Parital Balayage/Foilayage                $125

     with Color Retouch                       $160

Full Balayage/Foilayage                    $150

     with Color Retouch                       $180

Partial Highlight w/ Color Retouch     $150

Full Highlight w/ Color Retouch          $170

Toner                                                  $25


Conditioning Rebalancing Treatment  $25    Add Blow Dry                                     $25

Organic Curl Systems Perm              $120  Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatment    $225       

Complimentary Consultation Upon Request



Offering Great Savings Packages


Take advantage of one of our spa packages for yourself, a friend, or a loved one at a significant savings in price.

Sauna Packages

Sunlighten Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

 Sauna Prices


Single Session $40.00 

  • Add a friend or partner for $15


Sauna Package 1 (20% savings)        

6 sessions for $192.00

  • Add a friend or partner for $50


Sauna Package 2 (30% savings)  

12 sessions for $336.00    

  • Add a friend or partner for $100


Sauna Package 3 (Unlimited)                   

Unlimited sessions for a month for $400.00             

  • Add a friend or partner for $150



Sweet Sweat for $3.00 a cup

Sessions range from 30 - 40 minutes depending on program used.


***Buy 1 session with a service for $25.00

***Monthly packages expire 30 days after first visit

***6 and 12 session packages expire after 1 year


Preparation for Sessions


  • Come in comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting all sweaty. This could be as simple as shorts & t-shirt, or it could be a bathing suit. Just make sure it’s comfortable to you.

  • Bring 2-3 towels (some people like to sit on two & use the other to dry off).

  • Water! It is recommended that, at a minimum, you drink 8 oz of water before and after your sauna session. Water is not permitted in sauna but you may step outside of sauna to drink water at any time. 

  • Then just get ready to revitalize, re-energize while you relax.


Are there any contraindications for using this full spectrum infrared sauna?


Unfortunately not everyone can make use of this wonderful technology. Of course as with any health program, it is recommended that you consult with your physician prior to use. There are very few situations where an infrared sauna is not recommended. Here are some of these cases:


  • Do not use if pregnant

  • Have serious inflammation

  • A fever

  • A communicable disease

  • Acute bleeding

  • Do not use while intoxicated

  • Not recommended for individuals with pace-makers or defibrillators


To get a more complete picture of contraindications, click on the link to see a printable flyer.  Learn More

Gift Certificates

Shower Your Friends with Love

*Please call to purchase gift certificates.